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Like any seeds buried under the Northcentral Wisconsin snow, it may take the warm thaw of spring to begin showing the bloom of prosperity.

The last calendar quarter of every year tends to be the busiest for professionals who assist their clients with holiday gifting. They wonder how much they can gift and whether gift tax applies to them. This column provides basic information regarding gift tax, just in time for year-end gifting.

Recently, my Spotify account was hacked. Someone, many people or BOTS were logging in from all over the world. Now, I know I have some bumpin’ playlists, but what was the point?

Sometimes the key to victory lies in an effective passing of the baton. One runner begins while the next takes it to its next length. Such is the transition to Michael Witte, new executive director of the Portage County Business Council (PCBC).

In the Wisconsin Bankers Association's recently released biannual Economic Conditions Survey of Wisconsin bank CEOs, 79 percent of respondents rated Wisconsin’s current economic health as “excellent” or “good.”

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