Leaders are increasingly challenged to work with a wide variety of people from differing positions, backgrounds, and locations. Based on the work of Chris Ernst and Donna Chrobot-Mason, during this session you will learn how to manage boundaries, forge common ground, and discover new frontiers. You will learn to lead across five types of boundaries:

  1. Vertical: Leading across levels, rank, seniority, and authority
  2. Horizontal: Leading across functions, units, and peers
  3. Stakeholder: Leading between an organization and its external partners, including customers, shareholders, governments, and communities
  4. Demographic: Leading among diverse groups
  5. Geographic: Leading across distance, cultures, regions, and markets.

Led by Lyna Matesi, Ph.D. Lyna teaches management and leadership at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Her passion is helping leaders and leadership teams maximize their capacity for success. She has served in leadership development, change management, and curriculum development roles at U.S. Cellular and business planning, communication technology, and project management roles at Motorola.


  • Occurred Friday, December 7th, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm