WAUSAU — The Greater Wausau Chamber of Commerce has announced the finalists of the 2022 Small Business of the Year Awards. Eleven businesses and organizations have been named as finalists. The Small Business of the Year Award recognizes business growth, community involvement and innovative e…

Their name’s presence is subtle — often appearing on the mudflaps or selectively on nameplates on fire trucks, box trucks and other vehicles, but the telltale yellow and black lettering of the Marion Body Works brand stands strong behind the company’s transportation solutions as it has since…

Taking over a longtime family-owned establishment is fraught with the challenge of maintaining what’s worked while adding something new, but Kathleen Regelman and Hannah Reyes are hoping it’ll be a piece of cake.

For a business that started with $5,000 cash, a second mortgage on owners Mark and Laurie Matthiae’s home, and a lead time of three weeks to get up and running, Crystal Finishing Systems has managed to do pretty well for itself.

Fire holds a sacred place in Native American cultures, gathering wise, experienced leaders and fostering visionary discussions. It’s with that amalgamation of tradition and progression that Greenfire Management Services strives to write its own chapter in Northcentral Wisconsin.

If you’re looking to step into a Christmas wonderland, there’s no need to travel to the North Pole. All it takes is a trip to Tricia’s Treasures with locations in Neenah, Crandon and Rhinelander

The bubbly goodness known as Twig’s soft drinks continue to be a fan favorite as the brand enters its eighth decade in existence.

As much as most businesses hate hearing the word “regulations,” it’s been music to the ears of the Nieuwenhuis family that founded REI Civil and Environmental Engineering in Wausau.

Dr. Amy Stuber's email signature includes a quote by Tony Robbins that says, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” She and her chiropractic practice are a testament of that.

It’s not unusual to sit down with a cup of coffee to figure out one’s next step in life. It’s less common when that cup of coffee becomes that next step.

People often take for granted the abundance of resources available to them and their fellow citizens. Foremost among those is electricity. It only takes one extended power outage to create a renewed sense of gratitude for this utility. L&S Electric, based out of Schofield, is dedicated t…

There aren’t too many Wisconsin-based businesses that have roots that go back nearly 125 years. Gerhard’s Kitchen & Bath Store, which has a location in Rhinelander, is part of that elite group. It has a total of 11 retail sites statewide including stores in Ashwaubenon and Appleton.

What began as a web-design job has turned into a building project of a whole other kind.


Kolbe Windows & Doors may well be in the markets of windows and doors, but it’s defined itself as more than a manufacturer by innovating and delivering what its customers want — including unique designs that are also of superior quality and custom craftmanship.

When it comes to beef,  bacon and ham snack sticks — not to mention other favorites — Wenzel’s Farm is a tradition that’s been more than 100 years in the making.


Sometimes taking over a business isn’t about rescuing some downtrodden entity teetering on the bring of collapse. Sometimes, it’s simply about passing the baton.


Patrick Gatterman grew up in northern Wisconsin, loving the outdoors for activities such as kayaking and downhill biking. He figured that since he was out doing these things on weekends, he also could rent items for others to do the same.


In an ironic twist, Jeff Dirks moved into the largest available office space the Dirks Group has ever had just months before working from home became a new norm.

The vision for the future of ReVision Eye Care, LLC is clear — to grow. To that end, work began in July on the company’s new clinic at 3341 S. 8th St. S., Wisconsin Rapids. It will be the eye clinic’s first new location since 1981.


When Wausau Animal Hospital needed an infusion and ultimately a transplant, Dr. Jaime Gifford and her husband, Jeff Gorr, were ready. After they purchased the veterinary clinic .

Construction has continued throughout COVID-19 for Scherrer Construction Co. Inc. That’s been crucial for the company as it only just moved into its new Wausau-area location in January.


Businesses around the world were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic — some for better, some for worse. For DG Bullets in Waupaca, it has been better. Between the quarantine and the recent civil unrest, business has skyrocketed 500 percent during the last few months.


Self-professed foodies and sisters Amber Haemer, Jennifer Zaffke and Krystle Guerrero grew up in a small business environment. When the time was right, they broadened the offerings at 109 W. Redwood Street in Edgar, Wis., to include some pretty amazing artisanal coffee with the establishment…

Growing up, Vanessa Lazarz was always “that” friend who others called to ask what they should wear. No one who knows her was surprised when she established Ana Blair’s Boutique, now at 820 E. 1st St., Merrill.

Hometown Manufacturing in Crandon is the only woman-owned transit vehicle manufacturer certified for government procurement in the United States. Kristina Pence-Dunow is the proud owner of this vintage trolley-bus and modern transit-bus manufacturing facility, but this opportunity came about…

One of Weber’s Farm Store’s more recent offerings is its Kefir, a cultured, fermented beverage that tastes much like a yogurt drink. It’s evidence of how the store has continued to keep pace with the needs and wants of its customers 64 years after its establishment.

What began as Jerome Brickner’s simple auto dealership in the countryside north of Marathon City in 1945 is now in its third generation of ownership. When Brickner’s of Wausau recently cut the ribbon on its new 60,000 square-foot facility on Grand Avenue, it cleared the road into its future.

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Ducks are known for gliding along the water with seemingly little effort, all the while paddling furiously just beneath the surface. Observers are none the wiser, appreciating the beauty while the serious work is done out of sight.

Gusmer Enterprises Inc. is growing — again. While that may pose some challenges for Vice President Chris Gusmer and his team in Waupaca,

Vital Industries, the forum for the creativity and artistic imagination of Brett Childs and Crystal Hank Childs, has grown from a small screen-printing business into a growing outlet for new techniques and art forms.

In his 25-year career in healthcare, Terry Lawrence has never worked in an environment quite like the one at Bone & Joint. 

It took a few rounds of being downsized to help Joel Hynes find just the right size business opportunity.

The orders were coming in and business was growing ahead of schedule.

Few business owners have an office assistant who is willing to go outside to play fetch, but with all that’s on Duane Willman’s plate, the occasional break for his golden retriever Gus, who is always on hand to vet visitors, is a welcome diversion.The sole proprietor of Duane’s Cover It All …

Most families cruise through campgrounds looking for the perfect site to set up and relax for a break from real-world stress.Odds are there’s a Gajewski looking at the stickers on the back of the campers and RVs.And while folks gaze into their campfires thinking about nothing but unwinding f…

Leave it to a trained and experienced butcher to develop a business philosophy that cuts straight to the bone. It’s just such a straightforward approach that may help Lamb’s Fresh Market survive and thrive despite competition large and small.

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At EGI Mechanical, with locations in Plover and Seymour, opportunities abound for motivated people who want to create a rewarding career for themselves. Project manager Ron Meyer, who has been with EGI Mechanical for more than 20 years, can attest to that.

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Every day, millions of people throughout North America climb aboard public transportation.  For big city dwellers, it’s a way of life. For others, it can be a novelty. Travelers use buses to get to the big game, share experiences of all kinds, see the world, and even search for a better life…

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Teenage dreams of a barn woodworking shop came true in a friend’s barn in 1997 for BJ Welling — a business he and his friend ran together.

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Ki Mobility isn’t flashy. Co-founder Doug Munsey asserts as much in an open letter to customers. But a walk around the ever-expanding manufacturer of lightweight wheelchairs reveals more color than one might imagine.

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A major topic of discussion in the business world today is the fate of traditional retail stores and what impact that has on the economy. While many traditional brick and mortar stores are seeing a decline in sales, other businesses are profiting because of this changing marketplace. One of …

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When Karen and Leo Dillenburg bought the War Bonnet Bar & Grill in Keshena in January 2009, they knew they had some fixing up to do to serve their diverse customer base.

Kindhearted Home Care, LLC, started as a home care service rooted in values of sincere, warm and kind-hearted care. It has since grown to become a source of numerous health-oriented services, and its location at 120 S. Mill St. in Merrill is a popular community destination.

Central Wisconsin is home to an abundance of water-based amenities, and water is also at the heart of the innovative printing that has brough success for Identity Custom Imaging, LLC. Identity Custom Imaging, 10496 Stadt Rd. in Marshfield, started in the back of another business’s building.

Cole Ule, owner of Blown Black Performance in Chili, Wis., started following his passion early in life. Before he was even old enough to drive, he was ripping apart old motors, and figuring out what made them tick. Ule received an LLC status for his diesel shop in 2013, shortly after he turn…