When Christine Reynebeau witnessed the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, she was compelled to act. Reynebeau, then a high school student, ini- tiated a supply drive, sending a truckload of items to affected people in Louisiana. Today, that drive to help others continues.First, Reynebeau’s “d…

While her volunteerism dates back to high school when she participated in a year in Mexico through Rotary International, Ann Dahlke really credits her former boss, Fred Moore, with inspiring her to become more involved in her community.

Katie Rosenberg’s passion for traveling led her to such far-flung destinations as Morocco, France and Japan. But while she loves to travel, her passion for Wausau — especially its southeast side — reigns supreme in steering her dayto-day activities and community involvement.

“If your business is doing well, you owe it to the community to help out. Be part of what makes you successful,” said Giles Bellin, who has done just that during his long career in the grocery, marketing and communications businesses.

She had no idea when she moved to the Wausau area, but a sport focused on sliding a stone down a sheet of ice toward a target would prove to be not only a new interest, but an integral part of Tara Schessler’s community involvement.

Gretchen Kray credits a lot of her involvement in the greater Wausau community to her employer, Wausau Coated Products Inc., and its Community Foundation committee and annual fund-raising/involvement push. She is a great example of how the impetus to becoming the “next generation of givers” …

By day, Joe Mella, an attorney at Ruder Ware in Wausau, sports suits and ties, but when it comes to his volunteer activities, it’s often a more casual affair as he has stepped into roles as bartender, T-shirt salesperson and even a balloon rustler.

Erika Van De Yacht’s mother, a special education teacher, set the tone for her own future volunteerism. After taking her first women’s studies course in college, Van De Yacht’s path was solidified: she wanted to concentrate her energies on efforts that empower women and girls.

Ben Meyer, a native of Mt. Horeb, Wis., who has also lived in Madison, found his perfect fit in Rhinelander. In addition to finding access to some beautiful cross-country skiing trails, Northwoods forests and waters and paths to train for triathlons, he found a place to be passionate about.

The proverb that it takes a village to raise a child is more than adage for Keri Anne Connaughty. Her vibrant embracement of life is something she attributes to the mentors who helped to build her up during a difficult child- hood. Today, she gives her heart to providing the same to others i…