Like many others, Katie’s Felch’s community involvement dates back to volunteering with her Girl Scout troop in elementary school. It became a stronghold in her life in junior high and high school and has accelerated to where it is today.

How old are your key employees? This is becoming one of the key issues buyers care about when acquiring a business. It’s not a case of agism -- buyers would love for your senior employees to stay. It’s about risk and how soon the business’s pivotal people are going to retire.

For Tom Barnett, the Rhinelander community is a tight-knit one in which “you know everyone through someone” and people are always there to help. It’s a community value that Barnett adopted and puts into action at Tom’s Drawing Board, a working studio with a retail shop and classroom.

A mindset Melissa Kampmann helps to establish in female soccer players is also one for approaching life: Be a leader and practice good sportsmanship.

The premise is simple, but the “how” is anything but. Yet, the Community Partners Campus continues to inch closer to reality thanks to the diligent work of president and co-founder Brian Gumness and vice president and co-founder Kevin Noel.

For Stacy Bouche, giving back is about building not only relationships but literally helping to build community.

Leah Knights’ believes that having a lot of different creative and community-based outlets is both what she is called to do and part of who she is.

Shopping local has always been important, but it became even more important in 2020.

For Mary Hansen, financial literacy and smart decision-making transcend both a several-decades-long career in banking and much of her volunteerism. 

In a career of giving that covered more than 32 years, Jean Tehan may be finding that her most difficult challenge yet is walking away from it all.

This has been a year of personal and professional milestones for Stevens Point native Wayne Bushman, owner of Bushman Electric Crane & Sign, Wood Street Rental and Sunrise Pointe Ventures, who often refers to having “heart” when it comes to business and life.

For Bob Dumke of the Cobbler’s Closet Shoe Store in Shawano, fitting and selling shoes is just a portion of his community involvement.

Lara Barbour was raised in a family that ingrained in her that everyone has to do their part. Today, that’s led to involvement in many children- and family-oriented causes in the Greater Rhinelander community.

Every night before she goes to sleep, JoAnn Draeger asks herself, “What did I do today to make a positive impact on somebody? Who or what is it going to be tomorrow?

As with most nonprofit roles, Colleen Hilber’s role as the community outreach coordinator and statistician with The Salvation Army – Wausau, keeps her plenty busy. Yet, it doesn’t stop her from going beyond her assigned duties to volunteer countless hours during disasters and other needs.

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Andrea Jenson’s reason for volunteering is a matter of planting seeds for future growth — much like what she literally plants on behalf of the Rotary Club of Waupaca.

Retirement typically means leaving one’s job and ceasing to work. Apparently, Linda Krebsbach didn’t get that memo — and it’s been to the benefit of the Rhinelander community and many of its causes ever since. 

Meleesa Johnson has faced her share of valleys in her lifetime, and it’s her first-hand experiences during those that have made her a passionate and compassionate community volunteer

Lora Bladow’s community involvement is spurred by a sincere desire to be a part of something bigger than herself. That’s materialized in the impact she has in Wausau and Merrill alike.

Mona Fox’s community involvement really grew roots when a local business owner, tapped her on the shoulder and said, “If not you, who?”

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For years, Ken Neff’s career was spent stopping crime. So, it was no surprise to those who know him in the Merrill community that he would contribute his know-how to the Lincoln County Crime Stoppers after retiring from the force.

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Anyone trailing Corrie Norrbom quickly discovers how much of a whirlwind her life is as well as how her professional and volunteer capacities blur.

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Ron Zahrt is happy to be among the people who make a difference in his community, whether it’s involvement in his church, visiting cancer patients or helping raise funds for charitable causes. Staying busier than ever at 74 can be taxing at times.

While Dr. Carri Kennedy-Harris’ career is what first set her community involvement in motion, she can’t imagine life without it.

For Erin Witucki, community involvement wasn’t an option when she moved to the Wausau area after college. It was simply a matter of what she was going to get involved in.

Most everyone in Merrill knows who Sue Kunkel is, and that’s an asset for Kunkel as she goes about her community volunteering. 

Jessica Meadows, communications and marketing director for North Central Health Care, was always involved in sports activities growing up in Ringle, Wis, whether it was on a slab of concrete by the barn or in a gym. Volunteering as a coach was a natural evolution for Meadows as she grew older.

Whether to help others was never up for debate in Derek Boyd’s mind. The native Ohioan was raised by the Bible’s teachings, including Luke 10:27: “ You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor…

For Pat Heier, giving back to the community he calls home just adds up.Take that literally and figuratively as Heier spends his days focused on managing money as the senior vice president, commercial banking group leader, Peoples State Bank in Wausau. He also recently was appointed vice pres…

Cassandra Ambrosius credits her mother for instilling in her the excellent organizational skills she needs to manage life, including her volunteer activities.

Allison Liddle credits both her mother, Shari Parks, and her 7th grade track coach, Mr. Gerry, with instilling a desire to give back and to become a leader. Those facets are so deeply ingrained in who she is that it overflows into her professional life as well.

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When Christine Reynebeau witnessed the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, she was compelled to act. Reynebeau, then a high school student, ini- tiated a supply drive, sending a truckload of items to affected people in Louisiana. Today, that drive to help others continues.First, Reynebeau’s “d…

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While her volunteerism dates back to high school when she participated in a year in Mexico through Rotary International, Ann Dahlke really credits her former boss, Fred Moore, with inspiring her to become more involved in her community.

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Katie Rosenberg’s passion for traveling led her to such far-flung destinations as Morocco, France and Japan. But while she loves to travel, her passion for Wausau — especially its southeast side — reigns supreme in steering her dayto-day activities and community involvement.

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“If your business is doing well, you owe it to the community to help out. Be part of what makes you successful,” said Giles Bellin, who has done just that during his long career in the grocery, marketing and communications businesses.

She had no idea when she moved to the Wausau area, but a sport focused on sliding a stone down a sheet of ice toward a target would prove to be not only a new interest, but an integral part of Tara Schessler’s community involvement.

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Gretchen Kray credits a lot of her involvement in the greater Wausau community to her employer, Wausau Coated Products Inc., and its Community Foundation committee and annual fund-raising/involvement push. She is a great example of how the impetus to becoming the “next generation of givers” …

By day, Joe Mella, an attorney at Ruder Ware in Wausau, sports suits and ties, but when it comes to his volunteer activities, it’s often a more casual affair as he has stepped into roles as bartender, T-shirt salesperson and even a balloon rustler.

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Erika Van De Yacht’s mother, a special education teacher, set the tone for her own future volunteerism. After taking her first women’s studies course in college, Van De Yacht’s path was solidified: she wanted to concentrate her energies on efforts that empower women and girls.

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Ben Meyer, a native of Mt. Horeb, Wis., who has also lived in Madison, found his perfect fit in Rhinelander. In addition to finding access to some beautiful cross-country skiing trails, Northwoods forests and waters and paths to train for triathlons, he found a place to be passionate about.

The proverb that it takes a village to raise a child is more than adage for Keri Anne Connaughty. Her vibrant embracement of life is something she attributes to the mentors who helped to build her up during a difficult child- hood. Today, she gives her heart to providing the same to others i…