Change is the only constant when it comes to branding your business on social media. A branding campaign that worked well just a year or two ago has the real possibility of falling flat today. This is because the algorithms, used by platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to determine who sees your content, are updated regularly as the platform designers focus on the newest online trends.

It’s these algorithms that control who views your content. That’s why it’s important to stay abreast of social media trends and leverage them to your advantage.

With that in mind, below are five trends to incorporate into your social-media tactics.

Show your human side, not just a logo.

Successful companies are going beyond the traditional logo and slogan and are putting real people working for the company into the mix.

It could be the CEO or some other high-level executive, but the need for that human presence creates greater trust among followers.

Taking advantage of guest blogs, podcasts, webinar appearances or other publicity-driven events are great ways to incorporate the human element that’s so important to your audience.

Take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO). The rule of thumb for social media used to be keep it short and sweet. And, yes, that still applies with certain tactics such as video.

However, taking advantage of long-form content, blogs or articles with 1,000 or more words increases your likelihood of ranking higher in searches. The more words in an article, the greater SEO it will have.

That doesn’t mean you simply add words

to lengthen a blog or article. You need to have content rich information that attracts readers. A higher readership will drive a higher rank- ing by Google.

Analytics will drive more targeted campaigns. A thorough and detailed review of your analytics will offer insights on when to target individuals at different points in the buying cycle.

Create targeted offers or discounts to match your customers wants and needs, meet their expectations and is likely to produce better results. As each platform continues to gather more and more user data, the ability to more accurately create targeted offerings will increase the need for businesses to create more customized campaigns.

Video will continue to dominate. If a picture is worth a thousand words, think of the impact video has on viewers. Video is driving content on the most popular social media platforms and will continue to do so in 2019. Videos should be no longer than one minute with 30 seconds the preferred length.

Unlike a television commercial, the time- frame to capture a person’s attention is extremely short so be sure the first three seconds of an online video shares your most valuable nugget of information.

In addition, live streaming video is gaining in prevalence and receives the highest favorability by the platforms they are used on.

The best part about video is that it allows your business to put a human face to it, tying it back to a previously mentioned trend.

Greater visibility will involve investment. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and others understand the importance of analytics to your business and spend a great deal of time and effort gathering that data so it can be used by marketers, at a price.

Organic reach is significantly lower than it was just a few years ago. To broaden your reach and encourage greater engagement, companies can invest in sponsored posts, boosted posts or social media ads.

The good news is this pay-to-play is very affordable on social media. Plus, you can use analytics to create a targeted marketing effort that lasers in on those most likely to use your product.

Keeping these trends and leveraging the potential they offer will increase the success of your online efforts.

Cole Buergi is vice president, Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Inc.