Video has become an essential tool in every marketing and sales toolbox. It’s estimated that 87 percent of marketers use it in their marketing strategies and for good reason. Online video drives better engagement, and content producers have the potential to reach audiences in numbers that far surpass the reach of conventional channels. In fact, 90 percent of consumers say video can help them make buying decisions.

As 2019 approaches, video will continue its deserved stronghold within savvy marketing strategies to dominate content and engage audiences like nothing else online. There are several new developments and hot trends that marketers can expect to encounter, yet not all will be relevant to their continued success, and that includes production technology.

Innovations in technology abound — including virtual reality and 4K resolution or Ultra High Definition. However, it’s not always the technology that marketers should fixate on in 2019, for two main reasons.

The web isn’t yet able to handle all those pixels, and no one needs Hollywood high-def to captivate key online audiences as evidenced by the mind-boggling abundance of video content that continues to reach million-plus-views popularity.

Instead, here are the more relevant 2019 trends to watch for and consider including in your marketing toolbox.

• Live streaming is hot, hot, hot. According to MarketingProfs, 82 percent of consumers surveyed said they prefer live video over other kinds of social media postings. Live streaming can help deliver an organization’s messages with a sense of urgency and an element of unpredictability.

Businesses can show off new products, take viewers on a tour, or let them share in an event.

Live streaming gives marketers a way to reach new audiences and cultivates closer bonds with their faithful brand supporters. Put a live stream in your near future.   

• Video white papers represent a new way to support thought leadership. Organizations invest considerable time to create white papers that establish their brands as topical authorities. The results are lengthy research-based reports that require busy audiences to take in-depth read.

Using short, video white papers can boil down the report’s main ideas and present them with powerful visuals. They let audiences know the paper is worth their time and encourages them to download the full white paper for a later read.  

If you have a white paper in the works, consider adding a video white paper to complement it. If you have a recent white paper that’s still relevant but could benefit from updates, why not introduce a video component to generate new interest and add those updates?

• LinkedIn goes all in on B2B video. In 2018, the professional social media platform introduced the ability to post native video on company pages and provide video for sponsored content, and both opportunities have caught on like wildfire. Marketers can build brand awareness, collect leads, and obtain deep engagement using video to tell stories about products and services, company missions and values, and share customer successes. This trend will definitely ramp up in 2019. Are you in on LinkedIn videos?

By integrating these three video trends into your 2019 campaigns, companies will most certainly boost their marketing success this year.


Shelly Young is vice president of video and animation at KHROME.