Certain motor carriers and drivers aiding in the corona virus 19 (COVID-19) relief effort are now exempt from various federal motor carrier safety regulations — including hours of service. As part of its commitment to serving its customers, J.J. Keller & Associates in Neenah is offering a new training program — free of cost — to help them understand this time-sensitive change.

Hours of Service: Emergency Exemption for COVID-19 Support is available in both streaming video and online training formats, and covers:

• which drivers are eligible to use the hours-ofservice emergency exemption.

• categories of supplies that are considered critical.

• limitations of the exemption.

• when the exemption no longer applies.

• how to document using the exemption.

• Homeland Security’s list of essential critical infrastructure workers.

• ways to keep drivers safe.

“Drivers are our first responders, keeping the nation’s supply chain open and safe,” said Richard Malchow, industry business adviser at J.J. Keller. “As we ask them to go into harm’s way, we need to support them. This course helps us to help them.”

For more information, visit JJKellerTraining .com/208449.