MADISION — The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) announced the creation of the Vets Ready Employer Initiative the new employer recognition initiative highlights employers who go above and beyond to support veterans and their families. The announcement was made at the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce's Veterans in the Workforce Awards Luncheon today. Applications will be accepted starting January 2, 2020.

 "As we approach Veterans Day and remember the sacrifice veterans and their families have made, we want to highlight the Wisconsin employers who give back to veterans every day by creating a work environment that provides outstanding support and services veterans and their families," said Gary Meyer, DWD's Office of Veteran Employment Services Director.  

 Wisconsin employers know the value of hiring veterans but Vets Ready will highlight those who provide additional support, resources, and outreach as part of their organizational mission. Employer applicants will be rated various criteria including the support system within their workplace for veterans, their hiring and retaining of veteran employees, and connections to veterans and veteran organizations in their community.

 "Employers are recognizing the unique talent, skills, and values military-affiliated employees bring to their workforce and are looking to them to grow and improve their businesses. If businesses want to truly receive the benefits and contributions that come with employing smart, capable leaders with military experience, leaders in business need to truly invest in this talent group and match our stated commitment with our actions," said Saul Newton, Executive Director, Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce. "When given the opportunity, veterans and their families are capable of truly amazing things. Their experience and training make them uniquely capable of leading in their workplace. Veterans are worth investing in." 

 Businesses are separated into three categories – small, medium, large – and either receive a gold or silver certification.  DWD will highlight the employer winners on the WiscJobsforVets website, through social media, and in the state's online labor exchange,

 DWD is partnering with the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, and the Department of Veteran Affairs on the Vets Ready Employer Initiative. Partners will participate in reviewing applications and promoting the winning employers to veteran job seekers.

 Visit to learn more about Vets Ready and veteran employment in Wisconsin.